Expand Your 2021 Sports Betting Calendar With America’s Bookie

Expand Your 2021 Sports Betting Calendar With America’s Bookie

The biggest betting sports such as football and basketball attract the most attention from the betting public. Heading into 2021, there is a full slate of action on the board at America’s Bookie for each of these popular betting sports.

The NFL continues its push towards Super Bowl LV. The new NBA season is off to an exciting start with a few early surprises in each conference’s standings. College basketball is back in a big way and busy making up for lost time with a number of great matchups on the daily card.

For most recreational bettors, that may be enough to keep you busy when it comes to your weekly betting action. Unfortunately, you would be missing out on any number of ways to add excitement to the action on the field, court, ice, track etc.

America’s Bookie continues to go out of its way to provide a one-of-a-kind online sports betting experience. This includes a betting board that covers one of the largest selections of sports and sporting events around the globe.

You may have little interest in betting on international cricket leagues but you can at America’s Bookie. More importantly, you can expand your betting options for sports such as football and basketball. Avoid the trap of placing straight bets on the spread and total line of the biggest national games each week. Most of the value has been drained out of those betting lines due to the predictability of the betting public.

Why not test your sports handicapping skills betting on high-value props for your favorite games? America’s Bookie offers a long list of game, team and player props for every game at the professional ranks. You can also find expanded betting options for the biggest college sports matchups.

Props have proven to be the best complement to the straight bets you place. They let you double down on your most confident plays while also acting as a hedge if desired.

Moving past the biggest betting sports, ice hockey is back in the NHL. This is an excellent betting sport given the inherent value in wagering on money lines. You can bet the favorite to win straight-up at a higher financial risk. You can also enhance your overall return by going with the underdog in an upset.

America’s Bookie also offers a grocery list of betting props for every NHL game. Once again, this is an excellent way to expand your betting strategy.

Along with a regular schedule of betting sports during their designated seasons, the 2021 calendar is filled with opportunities to bet individual sporting events.

The 2021 Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 7 may present the biggest opportunity to bet on a particular sporting event. Yet, NASCAR’s 2021 Daytona 500 takes place the following Sunday.

Professional golf’s weekly tournament schedule starts to heat up early in anticipation of the 2021 Masters’ return to its normal timeframe of early April.

Almost every weekend offers horse betting opportunities on the 2021 Kentucky Derby Trail. Horse racing in general is back to its normal schedule with a ton of daily betting action through an America’s Bookie online racebook.

Every weekend of every month of the year is highlighted by sports betting events that offer a new and diverse way to get in on all the action. Through America’s Bookie running betting board, you can find everything you need to take full advantage of the situation.


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