America’s Bookie Offers Gambler’s Insurance on your Betting Losses

America’s Bookie Offers Gambler’s Insurance on your Betting Losses

Get Paid Even when you lose! When you make an initial deposit of $500 or more you qualify. What an incredible deal! It doesn´t get any better than this!!!


Anyone who loves to bet on sports knows the excitement and exhilaration that a big win can bring, but if they have been at this game long enough they also understand that losing streaks are also a part of the overall equation.

While there are any number of online sportsbooks out there that are more than willing to take your money when the losses begin to pile up, America’s Bookie is there to pay you back a portion of your losses as a reward for being a loyal customer.Our “10 Percent Gambler’s Insurance” bonus program will pay you back even when you lose. This cutting edge incentive will give you 10 percent on all of your gambling losses in the form of free bet.

Our 10 percent gambler’s insurance bonus, is calculated on net sportsbook losses each monthly period.

2023 Dates

Jan 2nd to Feb 12th
Feb 13th to Mar 5th
Mar 6th to Apr 2nd
Apr 3rd to Apr 30th
May 1st to Jun 4th
Jun 5th to Jul 2nd
Jul 3rd to Aug 6th
Aug 7th to Sept 3rd
Sept 4th to Oct 1st
Oct 2nd to Nov 5th
Nov 6th to Dec 3rd
Dec 4th to Dec 31st

2024 Dates

Jan 1st to Feb 11th


While there is a complete set of rules surrounding this incentive clearly spelled-out in the Bonus Section of our website, some of the pertinent details are listed below as


  • Common sense rules apply
  • Bonuses in the form of free plays are paid monthly at on the 1st Wednesday after each cut off date .
  • These cash back bonuses must be rolled over a minimum of five times before requesting a payout.
  • You cannot use a free play bonus to bet on both sides of a contest or game as well as on both the over and under on a total line bet.
  • All free play bonuses must be used before you can request a payout. Players must also use any existing free play bonuses before and additional free plays can be issued as part of any bonus program America’s Bookie currently offers.
  • Free plays can only be used to wager on straight bets, teasers and parlays. The maximum number of picks for any free play parlay bet is two and the maximum payout on a free play parlay is $5000. Free plays may not be used for prop bets and futures.
  • Gamblers Insurance bonuses must be rolled over a minimum of five times before requesting a payout.

The bottom line at America’s Bookie is that is pays to play with one of the top online sportsbooks in the industry for both US and Canadian players. We have been in business since 2005 and we remain committed to providing one of the best bonus programs in the industry starting with your initial deposit.

Formula : Start Balance / Deposits minus Withdrawals / +/- difference in Ending Balance


+$425 : Balance End Sept 1st
-$225 : Ending Balance Oct 6th
a = -$200 Balance

+$2000 : Deposits
-$545 : Withdrawls
b = -$1455 Loss

$1655 Net Losses ( A + B = )
$165 : 10% of Net Losses

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Gambler’s Insurance!

gamblers insurance on betting losses

Get Paid Even when you lose! 10% BACK on your net losses monthly.

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gamblers insurance on betting losses

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gamblers insurance on betting losses

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