Betting NFL Parlays at America’s Bookie

Betting NFL Parlays at America’s Bookie

A parlay bet is all about reward vs. risk. The more teams you group together, the higher the potential payout. However, the more teams you add, the lower the probability of winning that bet. Hitting a big parlay bet sometimes comes down to pure luck.

America’s Bookie online sportsbooks offers parlay betting options for a wide variety of sports starting at two teams and expanding all the way to 15 teams. However, most the action this top-rated online book pulls in is on the NFL.

Professional football is clearly the biggest US betting league in the country and it has wide popularity along with international soccer on a global scale. Most of the weekly betting handle during the season is still generated by straight bets on the point spread, total line and money line. However, among avid NFL bettors, the parlay remains one of the most popular bets.

The rules governing a parlay bet at America’s Bookie are rather plain and simple. You need to win every one of your combined plays to win your bet. A PUSH against the closing spread or total in any game reduces your amount of plays by one.

The true lure of the parlay play is the enhanced payout. A two-team parlay at America’s Bookie offers 2.64 to 1 odds when betting spreads and totals. If you go with three teams, the payout increases to 6 to 1. As mentioned, the more teams you add the higher the payout and the risk.

You can also put together a parlay bet using money line odds with the use of a parlay calculator to determine your actual payout odds.

When formulating a NFL parlay ticket for Sunday’s lineup of games, there are few tips to keep in mind:

  • The higher the wager, the fewer the teams
  • Use high confidence picks only
  • Track line movements to lock-in the best odds

The ideal parlay is still only two or three plays. Once you expand out to four or more teams, the edge shifts more and more towards the house.

Only use your most confident picks in any parlay play. You need to win them all or hope for a PUSH so this is not the kind of bet to reach on.

Tracking line movements is all about timing your bet when it offers the highest value. If you are betting favorites, you may want to pull the trigger sooner than later. As you get closer to kickoff, more money on the favorite and OVER could move the lines against your favor.

As America’s most trusted bookie, America’s Bookie strives to make your online betting experience as safe, exciting and enjoyable as possible. Fast payouts and generous bonus incentives have been trademarks of this online book since its launch more than a decade ago.

America’s Bookie also offers the most competitive odds and lines across its entire betting board. This is especially true when it comes to betting NFL parlays. Real time odds enable you to lock-in your bets when the value is at its highest.

A professional in-house customer service team is at your disposal on a round-the-clock basis when it comes to managing your online betting account. America’s Bookie has all the bases covered when it comes to making the most of all your online gambling activities.

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