Betting the NFL Preseason at Online Sportsbooks

Betting the NFL Preseason at Online Sportsbooks

The start of another season of football betting on NFL games is right around the corner. If you are looking to get an early jump on things, the league’s four-week preseason schedule gets underway this week starting with a full slate of Week 1 games this Thursday night.

It is tough to know what to expect from exhibition games that do not count in the standings, but that does not mean you cannot find some solid value in the betting lines if you know how and where to look. Today’s top online sportsbooks know that the NFL is still king when it comes to betting on sports and they also know that there is enough action out there in the preseason to expand their offerings for the games.

Even if you normally skip betting the NFL preseason in anticipation of opening day of the regular season, now is a great time to get yourself up to speed with everything the top online sportsbooks have to offer for betting on the NFL.

The resent expansion into sport betting in states such as New Jersey, Delaware and Mississippi is still very limited in the scope and range of the betting options each land-based sportsbook can offer. However, the online sportsbook industry has viewed these recent developments as a ‘wake-up call’ to raise the bar for the upcoming season on football both in the NFL and the college ranks.

Booking your NFL action at an online sportsbook can be as lucrative as ever with added bonus offers and promotional incentives that are designed to extend your overall sports betting bankroll. Cash back offers that can be converted into free bets is the best way to stretch your betting power. An even more attractive incentive is ‘reduced juice’ on your bets. Nobody who bets on sports likes to lose, but at least you can find ways to reduce the commission you have to pay for the bets that you do come up short on.

As the excitement continues to build throughout the NFL preseason, there are also any number of ways you can generate action for the upcoming slate of regular season games and the postseason run to Super Bowl LIII. Through an extensive list of NFL futures along with a wide number of betting options for team and player props, the next few weeks present an excellent opportunity to find the best value in the posted odds for these type of bets.

All 32 NFL teams are looking to get through the four-game preseason schedule as healthy as possible. While playing time for each team’s starters becomes more and more limited in the preseason, this opens the door for a few diamonds in the rough to sparkle and shine. Every preseason has a few unexpected players emerge from the ranks to earn a place on the roster.

Just think how long New Orleans’ running back Alvin Kamara’s odds were to win Offensive Rookie of the Year honors last season as a third-round pick out of Tennessee in the 2017 NFL Draft. He went on to post a combined 1,554 yards running and catching the ball in basically what has to be considered a part-time role. Finding these diamonds takes some serious mining efforts, but paying close attention to what happens in the preseason can pay some serious dividends with a few timely placed bets on what is going to happen in the regular season.

Do yourself a favor and visit the websites for a few of the top online sportsbooks to see what they have instore for another season of football in the NFL. I can almost guarantee you will find something that will pique your interest well in advance of that Week 1 schedule of the 2018 regular season.

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