Diversify Your NFL Betting Strategy at Online Sportsbooks

Diversify Your NFL Betting Strategy at Online Sportsbooks

The NFL is back in action with Week 1 of its 16-game schedule. While most of the betting action at online sportsbooks centered on the closing point spreads and total lines for the opening round of games, there was money to be made on a number of other ways to bet on your favorite sport.

Football Betting – Placing NFL If Bets at Online Sportsbooks

Today’s top online sportsbooks still hold the edge over new land-based sportsbooks in limited legal betting states with the variety of betting options that are on the board. When it comes to the NFL, those options grow even wider.

Betting the spread and total line may be the most popular ways to bet on football games, but this is a very limited approach to creating a positive return on your gambling investment. Adding in bets on the moneyline as well as team and player props is a great way to diversify your overall betting strategy while also maximizing the value in the sports betting odds.

NFL Moneyline Bets

Going over the early betting lines for Week 2 in the NFL, there are seven games with pointspreads of three points or less. You could consider all of these games a toss-up given just how close the teams matchup against one another. This presents the perfect opportunity for a few moneyline bets that add value to the underdogs.

The general rule in betting money lines is the closer the spread the tighter the betting odds between the favorite and the underdog. For example, Minnesota is a three-point road underdog against Green Bay and the Vikings have a +130 moneyline as opposed to a -150 line for the Packers. If you like Minnesota straight-up, you can earn a $150 return on a $100 bet if you are correct.

America’s Bookie – Cashing In On Sportsbook Bonuses

With Philadelphia listed as a slight one-point road favorite over Atlanta, the moneyline is -115 for the Eagles and -105 odds for Atlanta. The value in going against the favorite in this scenario is not that good.

If you really want to maximize the value in a moneyline bet, then going against a heavier favorite is the way to go. Washington is a 5.5-point home underdog against Dallas. The opening moneyline on the Redskins is +195 with a -235 line for the Cowboys. If you are sensing a SU upset by the home team in a very bitter division rivalry, betting the moneyline will almost double your return.

Team and Player Props

A great way to diversify your NFL betting strategy while also adding even more excitement to the action on the field is team and player prop bet options. Team props can be an excellent hedge to any straight bets you have on the game. Player props can enhance the fantasy football aspect of NFL games.

A good example of hedging a game bet with props is the first and last team to score. If you are hot on one team against the other, you may want to place a small wager on a fast start or a strong finish with a few scoring props.

NFL Player Props | Why and How they are a Great Bet

If you have Patrick Mahomes as you starting fantasy quarterback, you may want to capitalize on his potential success in next week’s game with a few prop bets on the OVER for total passing yards and touchdown throws. He just torched Jacksonville with 378 yards passing and three scoring throws.

Other NFL Betting Options

Along with live in-game betting as well as a full list of exotics such as Parlays, If Bets and Teasers/Pleasers there are a multitude of ways to expand your NFL football betting options. Ahead of this week’s games, make sure you check out everything on the board at your favorite online bookie in search of hidden value in alternative NFL betting options.

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