How Does Your Online Sportsbook Stack Up Against the Competition?

How Does Your Online Sportsbook Stack Up Against the Competition?

As a sports bettor, I am sure there are a few bets you wished you had made along with more than a few you wished where never placed. Understanding what went right and what went wrong is a very important part of the process when it comes to improving your current winning percentage.


Another part of the process is taking a closer look at where you placed all of those bets over the past year. Most recreational sports bettors tend to latch onto one particular online sportsbook for all the bets placed. There is nothing wrong with that and, for the most part, if something is not broke then why fix it. However, just like you take a closer look at other service companies you utilize over the course of the year, you should take a closer look at the overall performance of your preferred online book.

There are any number of ways today’s online sportsbooks are rated. At the top of the list would be their payout record on requested withdrawals. If you are having any issues with payouts, an immediate red flag should be raised. Ease of banking in general is a big part of the review process. An expanded array of options for making deposits into your online betting account as well as options for payment requests is a big plus. High transaction fees that cut deep into your available betting bankroll is another red flag you should always be aware of.


Moving down the list, bonus offers and added incentives always rank high. The first thing you need to do in this category is to determine if any bonus offer matches your betting habits and style. Most of the biggest cash-back offers are geared towards high-volume bettors that can satisfy some stringent rollover requirements. Most online sportsbooks are generous to a point. In simple terms, the more you bet the more you get with most of these bonus plans. Moving from book to book based solely on bonus offers can be much more of a hassle than it is worth.

One of the easier bonus offers to take advantage of is for referring someone to your online book. If that person makes a deposit and meets certain rollover requirements, you can earn some cash back into your account regardless of your betting volume. Another highly attractive incentive is a ‘reduced juice’ option on the bets you place. This is rarely offered across the board, but there are instances where you may only pay five percent commission as opposed to the standard 10 percent juice on a bet. Nobody bets to lose, but it is still nice to save some extra money when you do.


Reliability of service should also rank high. With today’s highly advanced betting technology and sophisticated online operating systems, downtime accessing your betting account has been virtually eliminated. If you are experiencing difficulty getting online with your current book, it could definitely be time for a change.

The competition in the entire sports betting industry has raised the bar rather high for every online betting venue. Some are better than others, but it still comes down to personal preference. Some bettors stick to the basics while others are always looking for something new and exciting to wager on. When it comes to your sports betting activity, you want an online book that can meet and hopefully exceed all of your needs. If that is not the case with your current betting site, then it is worth the time to find one that does.

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