Manage Your NFL Betting Bankroll With America’s Bookie If-Bets

Manage Your NFL Betting Bankroll With America’s Bookie If-Bets

It does not matter whether you are betting $10 a NFL game or $10,000, money management is a key component of any betting strategy. As America’s most trusted bookie, America’s Bookie online sportsbook is always looking for ways to make your betting experience safe, fun and more enjoyable.

One betting option offered at America’s Bookie that can be used as a money management tool is the If-Bet. Similar to a parlay, you are grouping together multiple picks. However, they are completely different bets from a grading standpoint.

The main point of difference between the two is parlays are an all or nothing proposition. If one team loses, the entire wager is lost.

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If-bets build on one another. If your first pick wins, you have action on the second game. If your first play loses, the bet comes to an end.

A NFL if-bet includes as least two plays and it can go up to seven games at America’s Bookie. They can be placed in any order regardless of starting times. However, a common money management technique is to bet one NFL Sunday 1 p.m. (ET) game, a late-afternoon start and the Sunday night game.

If you win a $50 bet on the early game, the same amount of money is in play on the late afternoon pick. If you win the first two bets, you will have $50 in play on the Sunday night game. You would walk away with $150 if all three picks are correct.

If you bet $50 on Game 1 and lose, you are down $55 for the day. If you win Game 1 and lose the next one, you are down $5 to cover the juice (commission) on the lost bet. If you win the first two picks and lose the nightcap, you would still win $45 on the day.

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Formulating an if-bet can be broken down into two different parts. The first is how much do you want to bet on each game. You never want to bet more than you can afford to lose. The stop-gap on an if-bet prevents this from happening.

Betting $50 a game with three straight-up plays could cost $165 if nothing goes your way. Betting $150 on a three-team parlay could bring in $900 but you need to win all three games. The most money you can lose betting $50 on each game of a three-team if-bet is $55. The most you can win is $150.

If-bets are a great way to maximize your winning potential while also minimizing your risk.

Once you settle on an amount to bet, the next step is picking the actual games you bet. Going through your regular handicapping process, the goal is to come up with a few strong plays. Any sports bet you place is all about confidence. Nobody bets to lose so you should never force a wager just to have action on a game.

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Make your strongest pick the first play in your if-bet. If your instincts are right, you are using house money for your next play. This should be your second most confident play. If you are right again, you guaranteed a winning day. This opens the door to a third play that might not have as high a level of confidence.

As mentioned, America’s Bookie accepts if-bets up to seven teams. However, capping them at three makes the most sense from a money management standpoint.

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