October’s Online Sportsbook Betting Strategy

October’s Online Sportsbook Betting Strategy

October is the one month a year when all four major sports leagues in the United States are in action. The MLB playoffs get underway in the quest to win the World Series. Football in the NFL (and college ranks) is in full swing and as an added bonus, the NHL and NBA return to action with a brand new regular season schedule.

America’s Bookie Sports Betting Odds: Hockey Odds | Basketball Odds

While this is a boon to all the top online sportsbooks taking action on the games, it can present a challenge to avid bettors looking to take advantage of everything that is on the board.

Sports Betting Money Management

Just because there is this much action on the board does not mean that bettors can simply double their sports betting bankroll. The main goal with proper sports betting money management is placing bets in a fiscally responsible manner. Everyone bets to win, so you always want to give yourself the best possible chance to cash in a winning ticket.

With the added action of hockey early in October and the NBA later in the month, there is no need to force a few extra bets on NFL games. You should always pick and choose your spots with any real money bet you place. You should always think in terms of units bet as opposed to money bet.

Betting Strategies for Parlays at Online Sportsbooks

Too many bettors make the mistake of betting the same amount of cash on every bet they place. Whether that amount is $50 or $500, bets should always be broken down into units. If you are betting $50 a game, then an individual unit should be $10. Games you are less thrilled with could be a two or three unit play. Games that you absolutely love could get bumped up to seven or eight-unit bets.

Sports Betting Variety

With four major professional sports on the board along with a full slate of weekend college football games to choose from, placing weekly sports bets is easy. The trick is to always bet on the best value you can find.

By the time October rolls around, the first quarter of the NFL season is in the bookies. While you have gotten a chance to see all 32 teams in action, the Oddsmakers now have to chance to really sharpen up their lines. Maybe it is time to start adding a few weekly NFL prop bets to the mix in place of straight bets on the spread.

The lean is towards the favorites in the MLB playoffs as the best teams tend to rise to the occasion this time of the year. Pitching definitely starts to outweigh hitting so some more weight needs to put on each team’s bullpen. A veteran manager with postseason experience is also a big plus.

Understanding an Online Sportsbook’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Being that the NHL and the NBA are just getting underway, the games played in October present an excellent chance to watch teams with nothing on the line. There may be some occasional soft lines on the board that do present an excellent opportunity for an early bet. Veteran teams that did not have major turnover this past postseason are more stable options to bet on right out of the gate.

Set a Sports Betting Schedule

There will literally be something to bet on every day of the week come October so putting a schedule in place is an absolute must. Whether it is Monday Night Football, Tuesday’s MLB game or Wednesday night’s top NHL matchup, you need to designate where your attention goes. Betting multiple games on multiple nights can be a major drain on the bankroll if your spread yourself too thin.


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