Summertime Sports Betting at Online Sportsbooks

Summertime Sports Betting at Online Sportsbooks

The first official day of summer is June 21 and that usually marks the start of the offseason for online sportsbooks. The NBA and NHL Finals are in the books and the first week of a new season of football in the college ranks and NFL is still two and a half months away. What most casual sports bettors fail to understand is that there is still plenty of betting action on the board at their favorite online sportsbooks.

Years ago, every online book’s fortune rose and fell with football betting and to a lesser extendt betting on basketball. While those two sports still account for a large chunk of the revenue a online book will take in over the course of the year, diversity has become the spice of life in the sports betting industry.


Savvy bettors are starting to appreciate the daily value that can be found betting MLB games this time of the year. Heading into summer, teams are rapidly approaching the halfway point of an extended 162-game regular season schedule. By now, bettors have a good sense of which teams can fatten their wallets and which teams to actually go against in an effort to cash a few winners.

Along with moneyline bets on straight-up winners and bets on the total line, MLB games offer betting action on run lines, which is the equivalent of a spread bet in football and basketball. The favorite gives 1.5 runs for much more favorable moneyline odds. Betting the underdog plus the 1.5 runs adds more risk than betting them SU. Betting any of these three MLB options lends itself to line shopping if you are working with multiple online bookies.

The best value betting MLB games could be in all the daily props that are released in conjunction with each game. You can bet team props for general things such as which side scores first. You can also bet individual player props based on performance. Given the grocery list of prop bet options for every single MLB game, you can always find some great value on the board.

Avid football bettors have come to find that the CFL is a great alternative ahead of a new season in the NFL. Football north of the border does have some different rules that have an impact on how the game is played, but for the most part it still closely resembles football in the US. There are only nine CFL teams playing three to four games each week, so you can quickly get up to speed from a handicapping standpoint.

Just like the NFL, starting quarterbacks can have a major impact on outcomes with an even heavier emphasis on the passing game. For any bettors who are huge college football fans, the CFL is filled with former standouts who were just a cut below the top players that gravitated to the NFL.


Along with daily MLB games and weekly football games in the CFL, the women’s version of the NBA is also in full swing with a full schedule of games in the WNBA. There are two conferences with six teams based in the East and six more teams based in the West. The play is competitive featuring the ‘best of the best’ from women’s college basketball. All the major cities are represented and Las Vegas has its own team, the Aces as one of the newest WNBA franchises.

Soccer fans always have something to bet on and this summer is highlighted by the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The rest of the betting schedule is filled with professional golf and tennis tournaments each week as well as motor racing in NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula 1. Just about every Saturday you can find an interesting fight card for boxing and MMA.

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