Take Advantage of America’s Bookie Expanded Betting Board

Take Advantage of America’s Bookie Expanded Betting Board

The best way to add more excitement to the action on the field, court or ice is expanded access to any number of betting options. This includes posted betting odds and additional wager types.

As a top-rated online sportsbook catering to US sports bettors, America’s Bookie offers expanded options for a wide variety of sports and sporting events. Over the years, this online book as earned its reputation as America’s most trusted betting site. The goal has always been to make your online sports betting experience safe and enjoyable.

America’s Bookie Expanded Betting Options

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is always looking for an added edge against the books. It stands to reason that the more betting options on the board, the better the chance to find a few soft lines in your favor.

Get Real Time Sports Odds for all your Sports Betting needs

Every online bookie is going to post sharp lines for the top betting leagues such as the NFL and NBA. Even MLB and NHL games tend to properly reflect the difference between the favorite and underdog in a game.

By expanding that board to include betting options for more than 70 sports on an international basis, you can always find something interesting to bet on. The sports odds section of America’s Bookie website is constantly being updated with upcoming action. These real time odds can meet the betting needs of even the most avid sports gambler.

Also posted daily is helpful sports betting information on the matchups at hand. If you love to bet on the games after they have gotten underway, America’s Bookie also offers a varied menu of options for live in-game wagering.

America’s Bookie Expanded Wager Types

The majority of action any online book takes in is on straight bets covering the sides and total. Pointspreads are used for betting football and basketball games. Moneylines are the primary way to bet on baseball, hockey and soccer. The total line is the most universal bet covering a wide variety of betting sports.

America’s Bookie caters to the recreational bettor as well as the action junky. The best way to do this is by adding exotic betting options to the mix. From basic parlays to teasers and pleasers, there are any number of options to boost your return on investment.

Sportsbook Betting and Different Wager Types

If-bets can be used as an effective money management tool. Daily props for all the games add some more value options to the board. There is always a full lineup of betting futures for every major sport to round out your betting strategy during the various offseasons.

Another way America’s Bookie dials up more action on the games is through specific lines. This includes quarter and half spreads for football and basketball. There are 5-inning lines for baseball and period by period betting odds for hockey.

Bets on partial segments of the games are a great way to double-down on full-game bets. They can also be used as a hedge in case things do not go as planned.

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Weather you are looking to bet on secondary sports and sporting events or daily player props for the big game, America’s Bookie has what you are looking for.

Owned and operated by sports betting experts with extensive experience in the online sportsbook industry, America’s Bookie continues to ‘set the standard’ as the best online sportsbook in today’s marketplace.

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