Three Good Bets to Boost Your Online Sportsbook Bankroll

Three Good Bets to Boost Your Online Sportsbook Bankroll

Just about every online sportsbook offers a generous welcome bonus for new players. While the big bold headlines outlining just how money you can add to your new online betting account are extremely attractive, the fine print outlining exactly what you need to do to collect that money paint an entirely different picture.

The bottom line with these types of bonus offers is the more money you bet, the more money you might be able to collect. Also keep in mind that most bonuses are in the form of free betting credit that also needs to rolled over a certain amount of times before you can collect any money.

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Matching deposit bonuses do work for some heavy bettors but there are easier and much less expensive ways to boost an online betting bankroll. One of the easiest ways to extend your betting dollar is raising the win percentage of the bets you place. Another way is to reduce the risk (or juice) on the bets you lose.

When betting the spread, one good bet to pursue is an alternative line at a much more favorable return. Every sports bet you place should come with a high level of confidence that you are going to actually win that bet. Solid sports handicapping techniques for breaking down any matchup should add a higher level of predictability to the outcome. This, in turn, should heighten your confidence in that bet.

For example, if you love one team as a three-point favorite to easily cover that spread, look for an alternative option that is s few points higher. If the standard -110 commission is in place to bet the favorite -3, you might be able to boost the line to -4 at even money. If you are still as confident laying five points, you might be able to earn a +115 return on the same bet. The idea is to push the spread to a point where you still believe the favorite will cover.

Refer to our wager type guide for questions regarding sports betting tips and advice

The same concept can be applied to the total line with a bit of a twist. Instead of tweaking the actual line one direction or another, look for total lines that already lean towards the OVER or the UNDER. Some online bookies like to move this line from the standard -110 listing to move money to either side of the bet. If the public is heavy on the OVER, there is a good chance that you can get lower juice or even positive money betting the UNDER.

This is another bet that comes down to a high level of confidence. This is less about betting against the public and more about finding a betting result that heavily supports your own handicapping efforts. If you love a game to stay UNDER at even money or even +110 odds, that would be a win/win bet that can lower risk or even enhance your overall return.

The third value bet would be the underdog on the moneyline. Betting underdogs straight-up is a great way to boost your overall return. The trick is to find underdogs that can instill a high level of confidence in pulling off the actual upset. The higher you push the envelope as far as the point spread, the higher the return on the moneyline.

Any spread less than three points is a good starting point. The matchup is already considered to be close which lends more credibility to a SU upset and the plus money return is attractive enough to take the added risk.

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