Weekly Parlay Opportunities at Online Sportsbooks

Weekly Parlay Opportunities at Online Sportsbooks

The parlay bet is the ultimate risk/reward play when it comes to wagering on sports. A bettor has to pick two or more teams combined to earn a much higher return. The trick is that every combined pick needs to be correct to cash a winning ticket.

The sweet spot for any parlay pick is two teams with a return of 2.64 to 1 or a three-team parlay with a 6 to 1 return. Once you go higher than that, the payout odds start to dramatically shift in the online book’s favor. Some books will let you combine as many as 15 teams together in one parlay with as high as a 16,307 to 1 payout.

Given just how hard it can be to pick just one game right, parlay plays on a regular basis are not for the feint of heart. You should always make sure to familiarize yourself with the actual parlay rules where the online bet will be placed. Some books count ties as a PUSH while others will count them as a loss.

Another good tip for betting parlays is to shop any special offers from book to book. Many sites will increase the payout odds for specific parlay plays while other books have parlay contests in place for specific leagues like the NFL.

Parlay Boosters

Some books will group up to four teams together in a special theme. For example, there could be a three-team NFL Florida special for Tampa Bay, Miami and Jacksonville. West Coast parlay boosters are also popular when they group together three or four games with later starts.

The advantage to these types of plays are a higher return on your money. A three-team parlay booster might pay 6.75 to 1. If you really like the picks the book is offering, this could be a good way to go.

Parlay Challenge

A Parlay Challenge pertains to certain betting events such as college football bowls, NFL Sunday games or a daily NBA card. You get to pick the winners for a set amount of games. For example, correctly picking all six college bowl games on a set list might return $480 on a $20 bet to reflect a 20% increase from the normal payout.

With a Parlay Challenge, you get to pick the winners from a designated list of games. The grouping of teams is often higher (six to 12 teams) making it much harder to win.

Perfect Parlay Contests

A popular contest for the NFL season is a chance to win a huge sum of money for picking every game correctly against the spread. The odds are definitely not in your favor but if luck happens to be on your side that week it could result in a six-figure payout.

Many of these Perfect Parlay contests are free to play as long as you maintain an active online betting account and a certain weekly minimum in bets.

These are just three examples of how online books sweeten the pot for weekly parlay plays. These are very lucrative bets for the house given the increased degree of difficulty cashing in. They can also be highly lucrative bets for players who happen to combine their handicapping skills with some extra luck that week.

The best way to find more weekly parlay opportunities is to check the “promotions” and “contests” section of your favorite online sportsbooks. Some of the offers are tied to particular leagues while others run year round.

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