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Boxing is one of the most popular betting sports. Every year there are numerous events and titles that fighters trying for which means plenty of betting opportunities. There is no question that boxing is exciting to bet on.

Usually, to bet on boxing events is fairly simple. Bettors must determine which fighter in the match up will prevail and win the title. This type of bet is usually a Moneyline, but there are a few other options and types of how to bet on boxing such as; Straight Bets, Money Line Bets, Totals, Knock Out Bet, and round bets to name a few.

America’s Bookie makes betting on boxing easy. Be sure to review our “How to Bet Boxing section for more informating on how to bet on boxing. American cliets are welcome.


The sport of boxing involves two fighters (one against the other) whose goal is to either knock out the other fighter (known as a KO) or core more points than the other fighter by landing more punches throughout the rounds. A knock-out occurs when a fighter is knocked to the ground and cannot return to their feet within ten seconds. The matches are set up in rounds which are usually a no more than a few minutes each and there can be up to 12 rounds per match or more depending on the structure. If both fighters make it to the end of the match without a knock out the decision goes to a judging panel who will determine the winner based on who scored the most points by landing the most punches on their opponent in the match.

How To Bet On Boxing

Boxing may not offer you as many betting options as sports like football and basketball does, but it can be a very profitable type of betting when you do your research.

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