Pay Per Head Sportsbook & Bookmaking Software

America’s Bookie provides a complete pay per head, bookie service. Our Pay Per Head software will help you to keep track all of your client wagers and payments and give you the time, that will allow you to grow your business.

What is Pay per Head?

Price per head is a service that local bookies are beginning to make more use of. It allows the local bookies to take their services online while maintaining a professional and personal touch to their business.

As the name implies, bookies pay a price per head – per active customer – and for this fee, they are provided with a comprehensive service. Not only bookies are attracted by the 247 price per head services, but bettors who are not keen to place bets with an offshore online sportsbook, are also finding these php services attractive.


Our professional staff is committed to bringing quality and service to our clients, which has made America’s Bookie’s 247PPH bookie service one of the most trusted names in the pay per head industry. Your customers will have the option to wager 24-7 on virtually every sport imaginable, plus have more options to wager on each sport, online or from their smart phones or any mobile device, giving them access to betting lines from anywhere, anytime. You can analyze their action through a variety of advanced reports and adjust individual player settings accordingly. Switch to NOW! you will find our prices very competitive, will even match or beat any price that offers the same quality PPH bookie service.


With over 15 years experience, is currently the leading offshore price per head sportsbook provider. Home to over 500 agents worldwide, software includes, sportsbook, casino, horses and now one of the few providers that carry a live casino. They also have live in game betting for most games.

Everyone who signs up gets a free 4 week no obligation trial and enjoy the same benefits as paying members. If satisfied with the software and customer support, Realbookie charges only $10 per head for internet and $15 for phone and internet service but prices are flexible depending on the amount of heads.

payperhead-a1pph offers PPH services that give bookies all the tools they need to compete with sportbooks worldwide. You will be able to provide online services like: online casino, live casino, horse racing and sports betting lines.

Your account at will give you full control over your player base. Some of the most popular settings are wager limits, line profiles, daily activity reports and general account balances report. You will have full customization rights that you can do over the phone or on the web.