America’s Bookie provides a full array of sports betting contests for you to play. For more information regarding our sports betting contests please review below.



sports betting pool, sports betting contests

33 Club at America's Bookie

Only at America’s Bookie, you will be given these many options to stretch your dollar. When you make a $300 deposit or larger you will automatically enter in our 33 Club contest which consists of picking a team in NFL. If your team’s final score is exactly 33 points, you will win $333. The money will be entered in your account and there is no rollover requirements attached to the prize.

33 club


sports betting pool, sports betting contests


At America’s Bookie we take pride in rewarding our players with great contests. One of the most liked contests is the Last Man Standing. To enter all you have to do is fund your account and pick a team for to win for that particular week, if your team wins you have to pick another team for the following week and so on. You have to make a pick each week if you keep winning, you cannot repeat a pick and the best part about the contest is that there is only one prize, which is reserved for the last man standing.



sports betting pool, sports betting contests

March Madness Contest

Each year the March Madness fever catches on to all of us, College Basketball is truly an amazing sport. It exercises passion and great competitiveness among young players that will eventually move on to the NBA. In order to join the March NCAA BK games and events, America’s Bookie has put together a bracket contest that puts thousands of dollars at stake. If you think you know about NCAA BK this is a great way to prove it. Guess the outcome of every game to out play the other contestants and take the big prize home. Rules and terms will be posted on the domain where the contest is hosted.

march madness brackets


sports betting pool, sports betting contests

NFC Championship Pools

We reward you for funding your account and wagering on your favorite team. Rooting for your team now has some extra advantages. When you fund your account we will automatically assign a square to it. This will happen only after the pools are officially open and there will be several prizes at stake. Watching and betting on the AFC championship just got even better!

nfc championship pools


sports betting pool, sports betting contests

AFC Conference Pools

Enjoying the AFC Championship game now has some additional benefits at AmericasBookie. When you fund your account we will automatically assign you a square and you will be in contention for several free play prizes. Depending on your deposit you could enter the small pool of the large prize pool. We will announce when the pools are officially open.

afc conference pools


sports betting pool, sports betting contests

Super Bowl Squares

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and to celebrate such an important event, America’s Bookie rewards all it’s active players by opening several square pools that will award thousands of dollars in prizes. In order to take advantage of the contests all you have to do is fund your account and we will take care of the rest. Every pool will have several prizes so your change to take some extra cash is looking pretty good. Pools will be closed half an hour before the game stars to assigned numbers and have enough time to enter all the accounts in the squares.

super bowl squares