Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis betting offers some of the best chances to make big profits. So, it is essential to make the correct forecasts. Keep in mind that a tennis player’s performance depends on many factors, some of which more important than others depending on the situation.

With a pre-match analysis you can improve your forecasts. An amateur player would have little chance of winning against someone like Rafael Nadal, even on one of the latter’s rare “off” days. The respective level of each player is the most obvious factor to consider in your forecast. Always keep up to date with the latest tennis news at sports betting sites like Ask The Bookie and place your bet at the last moment because a last minute injury could ruin all of your pre-match analysis.

Physical condition is an aspect that is especially important in Grand Slam tournaments. A 35-year-old player will find it harder to play successive five set matches, which severely limits his chances of winning another Grand Slam trophy.

How to bet tennis?

If your sport of betting choice is tennis, the four largest betting tournaments for tennis are the Grand Slams; the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

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