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Most NFL bettors look at the teams and compare their records. They probably check the scores from the previous week to see how those teams fared and from there they decide their pick; however, there’s much more to it than that if you really want to win.

Always see where each team stands for a particular game in terms of what they’ve been doing recently and what is coming ahead. See if the team is riding momentum coming into the game or whether they might be looking ahead to a bigger opponent, becoming vulnerable to a letdown game. Also, if a team is coming off a big win, they can suffer an emotional letdown and underperform for the next game.

Look at overall trends, how have the teams played one another in the past? Who has had an advantage? How does each team play when they have to travel or when they’re coming off their bye week? These crucial factors can make the difference when it comes to NFL betting.


Football is one of the most popular sports out there, and is also one of the most popular sports to bet on. But it’s not always easy to bet on football!

Football Betting: The Basics – A Great Review for Every Player

For sports gamblers, the best time of year has finally arrived. Its football season, the season that all gamblers live for. The first week of college football has come and gone and it was outstanding. There were more than a few standout games.

Texas A&M @ UCLA. What a dandy this game was. From the outset, this game was a blowout, it wasn’t even close. UCLA looked as if they had completely forgotten how to play football, with a halftime score of 38-10. Then, as every college football gambler knows; the tide turned. The tide turned big, ending in a second half rout of the hapless A&M. In a complete role reversal from the first half to the second half; UCLA beat up Texas A&M. UCLA Embarrassed them by winning the game 45-44.

This is a classic example of college football at its best. The gambler loves these moments and lives for the thrill ride that only big time college programs can bring each Saturday.

Occasionally, it’s a great idea to review. Even the seasoned gambler can use a good review of all the many ways to bet on football, the terminology and what it all means. Take this opportunity as a refresher or as a learning opportunity. For those new to the wagering game or those of you that simply want to get your feet wet and win some money this year, this is the perfect review.

Remember, winning money is the goal. Finding a great sportsbook will help you see that goal. Look for one that has a great reputation and one that comes with great reviews for payouts, deposit options, and great bonuses and rewards, along with amazing customer service. You must start this year out on the right foot and the best way to do so; is by finding the right sportsbook.

Two different ways to bet, both college and the NFL.

– Betting the point spread

Every football game that is offered as a wager, has a point spread attached to it. These types of bets involve both money and numbers.

Example: Auburn @ Clemson –

Auburn + 5.5 -110

Clemson -5.5 -110

Important Note: When betting the spread, you will usually see a number attached as in the example above. You see -110. This number represents money, this number means $-110 or $-1.10. When betting the spread on football, -$1.10 is a standard, industry wide, accepted number. The number can very, and occasionally you will see variations, however, its usually close. This standard was set many years ago, by Las Vegas odds makers and has remained as a staple number, in the industry.

What does this -110-number mean?

This number means that for every $1.10 that you bet, you win $1.00 back or, for every $110 that you bet, you win $100 back, plus your initial investment. You can bet however much you chose, within the rules and guidelines of your sportsbook. Your sportsbook may have a minimum wager amount, such as $5, they may also set a maximum amount. Usually maximum wagering amounts are set per your deposit history. If you deposit $1,000 per week, your book will probably allow you to bet as much as $1,000 per game.

What does +5.5 and -5.5 mean?

These numbers represent the actual point spread set by the odds makers or otherwise known, as line movers. If you bet Clemson at -5.5 this means that for you to win the bet, Clemson must win the game by 6 points or more. If you bet Auburn at +5.5, this means that Auburn can lose the game by as many as 5 points, if they were to lose by 6 or more; you lose the bet.

Why do they set point spreads?

Football has a high predictability level, especially college football. In college football, big schools rarely loose to small schools, thus creating an unfair advantage for the player or for the bookie. Odds makers do a tremendous amount of research for each game. They know and understand how each team performs and what their chances of winning are against any given opponent. They set the spread according to these standards.

– Betting the moneyline

A moneyline bet is when the player bets a team to win outright, with no point spread involved. To win a money line bet, your team must win the game. It doesn’t matter how many points they win the game by. They can win by 1 point or by 50 points. A win is a win and you take home the money. However, there is a catch! If the team that you bet on is a much better opponent than the team that you are betting against, you will need to wager a large amount, to win a small amount. If you are betting the underdog, you can bet a small amount, to win a large amount. Look at the example below.

In the example below, you must wager $10,000 on Clemson in order to win $100, or you can wager $100 on NNU, to win $10,000.

Unlike betting the point spread, not every football game that is offered as a wager, will have a moneyline.

Example: #1

Northwest Nazarene University @ Clemson

NNU +7,000

Clemson -10,000

Clemson is the reigning national champion and they are a perineal football powerhouse. They are hard to beat and they very rarely lose at home; even to other powerful programs. Northwest Nazarene University has no football program to speak of whatsoever. They are a division 2A school and they couldn’t possibly compete in this game.

Moneyline wagers are set according to strength of the team vs. the opponent. The odds makers couldn’t possibly set a fair moneyline in this kind of a game. The player would end up having to spend $10,000 in order to win $100! Who would play that kind of bet? Nobody.

On the other hand, upsets do happen. It would be devastating to a bookie or sportsbook to offer this kind of wager as a money line; and lose. As a result, odds makers stay away from these types of money line wagers. They may offer it as a point spread bet only or not offer it at all, this game is simply too predictable. Clemson will win, and by an extremely large margin. Quite possibly by 60, 70 or 80 points.

Example #2

Auburn @ Clemson

Moneyline: Auburn +175, Clemson -205

You can see the noticeable difference between the two examples. Even though Clemson is the better team, there is still a chance that Auburn could find a way to win. This wager means that you will need to bet $2.05, to win $1.00 or you can bet Auburn and for every $1.00 that you bet, you will win $1.75

You will also see that the bigger the point spread is; the bigger the moneyline. This goes hand in hand and most sportsbooks and bookmakers usually do not offer a moneyline on any game that has a point spread of more than -10. There is simply no value in this type of bet for the gambler or for the bookie.

Betting the moneyline can hold real value for the gambler. As a gambler, you must do your research and understand who the better teams really are and why. You need to know who plays better at home, who plays better on the road, day games, night games, on turf, on grass, in bad weather and much more.

Most gamblers simply do not have time for all of this exhausting research. If you really want to win this year but find yourself short on time, you must get some good advice. Find a good handicapper that has a great reputation for picking college football as well as the NFL. These services are not expensive and the little you do spend will prove to be well worth your money.

You gamble on football because it’s exciting, it’s a hobby and it’s how you have fun. You might as well be making money! Who wants to lose? If you are going to make the investment, make it worth your time. Check out your favorite handicapping website and start winning today. Good luck.

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