Understanding an Online Sportsbook’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding an Online Sportsbook’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Successfully betting on sports has as much to do with where you place your bets as the actual bets you place. The top online sportsbooks continue to set the standard for the entire sports betting industry given their overall ease of use, competitive betting lines, generous bonus offers and wide variety of betting options. That being said, all online sportsbooks are not created equal.

The Top Online Sportsbooks Offer Excellent Customer Service

Every successful online sportsbook goes to great measures to attract sports bettors to its online betting website. Most rely on generous welcome bonus offers to grab your attention, but those offers should be much lower on the list when it comes to finding the right book for your online sports betting needs. Each and every book has a list of strengths and each book will also have some weaknesses depending on what you are looking for.

Overall Betting Selections

There are well over 80 different sports you can bet on these days. While football and then basketball still garner most of the attention when in season, the sports betting calendar spans a full 12 months with any number of special betting events filling in the gaps for all the sports with a regular schedule of games.

How Does Your Online Sportsbook Stack Up Against the Competition?

As mentioned, online bookies are trying to attract bettors to their sites. A good starting point is the overall offerings on their current betting board. Every book is going to offer moneylines, total lines and run lines for that day’s MLB schedule. Some books expand that offering with 5-inning lines, alternate spreads on the run line and other variations of the basic MLB betting options. A whole other set of books take things even further with a full set of game, team and player props for every single contest on the board.

Variety can be the spice of life for certain sports bettors and there are books out there that constantly look for ways to expand its betting boundaries. This does not make one book better than the other. It just points out the fact that there are bookies that cater to bettors looking for new and different ways to expand their own boundaries.

Value in The Betting Lines

Finding value in the betting lines for anything you decide to actually wager on should be a very important aspect of your overall betting strategy. Shopping betting lines across a wide spectrum of online books may not be feasible for a sports bettor that is not interested in tying up their money with accounts at multiple books. However, its is very important that you develop a good sense of betting lines across a wider spectrum online betting outlets in general.

You may find that the current book you are using is not competitive with its betting lines or with the juice (commission) it is charging to book your bets. Dime lines for baseball can save you quite a bit of money over the course of a 162-game season. Reduced juice options for any sports bet can be far more valuable than a bonus offer with stringent rollover requirements.

While you may not want to have multiple betting accounts for all the sports you bet on, it may make sense to find a book that offers the best value in their lines for one particular sport.

Flexible Banking Options

Banking is one of the most important factors when betting sports. You want an easy way to get money into an online betting account. More importantly, you want an even easier way to make withdrawals when you do hit it big.

Boost Your Betting Bankroll with Online Sportsbook Referrals

This is when it becomes extremely important to take special note of any book’s banking options as well as all the rules and regulations attached to each one. The variety of banking options should also be an important point of difference when looking for a book that best suits your needs.



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