How to bet on NASCAR

How to bet on NASCAR

NASCAR betting is one of the fastest growing sports bets offered today. NASCAR racing itself has become a largely followed spectator sport, and single races even draw in up to 200,000 people at times (such as the NASCAR Nextel Cup). There are a few very profitable ways to bet on NASCAR races, and also a few options that can be tougher bets, but pay out very well still. This is where America’s Bookie’s NASCAR Betting section comes in. We cover the different betting options for NASCAR races, and also give you examples of the types of bets that you could be looking at if you are interested in betting on a NASCAR race. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the different types of NASCAR betting options available to you currently

Outright NASCAR Betting

Outright NASCAR betting works similar golf outright betting, as your job is pick which driver you think can beat out the rest of the field. Of course this bet can be quite tough though, as there can be the upwards of 40 drivers in each race. The odds on this type of bet will pay out much better than most bets, mainly due to the fact that there are so many different drivers who could win the race. The best way to make a profitable outright bet on a NASCAR race is to pick more than one driver to win, as the odds can be very high on specific race. Let’s take a look at an example of an outright NASCAR bet.

Odds to Win the Pure Michigan 400:

Carl Edwards: +700

Jeff Gordon: +800

Kevin Harvick: +1200

Brad Keselowski: +2500

Jeff Burton: +5000

As you can see these are just a few of the outright betting options on a specific race, and in a worst case scenario, if you were to bet $100 on Carl Edwards, you could taken in a $700 profit. This is where it is a good idea to bet on more than one driver to win a specific race.

NASCAR Betting to Finish Top 3, and Top 5

This is another type of bet which is similar to golf betting, and in this bet you are getting an easier bet than having to pick one specific winner; as you will choose if a driver will finish inside of either the top 3 or top 5 in a specific race. In this type of bet though, the odds won’t be as good as betting on the outright winner, but will still pay out quite well if you are able to hit your bet. Let’s take a look at an example of both a Top 3 and Top 5 bet.

Odds to Finish Top 3 at the Pure Michigan 400:

Carl Edwards: +200

Jeff Gordon: +250

Kevin Harvick: +350

Brad Keselowski: +750

Jeff Burton: +1500

Odds to Finish Top 5 at the Pure Michigan 400:

Carl Edwards: +120

Jeff Gordon: +180

Kevin Harvick: +250

Brad Keselowski: +500

Jeff Burton: +900

As you can see, the odds are quite a bit different from betting on a driver to actually win a race, in comparison to just betting on them to finish in the top 3 or top 5 of a race.


Matchup betting in NASCAR can be done two different ways, with you having the option of betting on a NASCAR qualifying matchup, or an actual race matchup. The difference between these two is that the qualifying matchup bet is a bet on which of two drivers will qualify in a higher starting position than the other. And betting on a NASCAR matchup bet for an actual race, will result in you betting on which driver you think will have a better finish at the end of the actual race. The odds on these bets can move around quite a bit depending on which side is favored in the bet, and how heavy of a favorite the driver is. We have listed below an example of both a qualifying matchup bet, and a regular race matchup bet.

Qualifying Matchup Bet

Jeff Gordon -125 vs. Jimmie Johnson -105

This bet would mean that Gordon is a slight favorite over Johnson to finish higher in the qualifying matchup to see who starts the race in a higher position.

Full Race Matchup Bet:

Jeff Gordon -130 vs. Kevin Harvick +150

So as you can see by these bets listed above, you aren’t losing an incredible amount with these odds; but they can vary quite a bit on other types of match-up bets.

NASCAR Prop Bets

NASCAR offers a few different types of prop bets, but two specifically that stick out to most people. The first type of prop bet is a bet on which car manufacturer will win the race. This bet will typically come down to picking between either a Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or Toyota to win the race, with odds that vary depending on which type of car the favorite is driving, and also how many of each specific make of car is in the race.

The second type of NASCAR prop bet that is very popular, are group match-up prop bets. This type of bet is similar to a match-up NASCAR bet, but you are actually choosing one racer to finish higher than a group of drivers. The odds on this type of bet will pay out better than a standard match-up bet, and can range between choosing one driver out of anywhere from three to eight others normal.

NASCAR Futures Bets

The biggest NASCAR futures bet listed out there is a bet on who will win the Sprint Cup for the upcoming year. This bet can be tough to judge, but you can find some great angles on this bet which will help pay out very well if you can hit the bet. The odds on this type of bet will range an incredible amount, because some drivers are definitely heavy favorites compared to other less-known drivers. If you can get good odds on a few different drivers, this can be a very good way to make a bet that will have a good return on the investment a while down the road. This bet will of course pay out much higher when it is placed before the season actually begins, and the odds get worse and worse as the season goes on. Here’s an example of how the odds for betting on the winner of the Sprint Cup may look:

Odds to Win the Sprint Cup:

Jimmie Johnson: +500

Jeff Gordon: +800

Kyle Busch: +900

Kurt Busch: +2000

Kevin Harvick: +3000

Ryan Newman: +3500

As you can see from this example, you can get some great betting options on betting on the Sprint Cup in the form of a futures bet. There are many other drivers listed, but that is just a few of the names that you may see on the odds list.

There are some very interesting NASCAR betting options, and quite a few that can be very profitable as well. Finding angles on your bets and doing the research is very important though, so always be sure to give yourself some time between when you check out the betting options and when you make your final bet. If you are interested in other sports to bet on, be sure to check out all the rest of the sports that we cover here at America’s Bookie as well!

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