NCAA Basketball | Betting Player Props

NCAA Basketball | Betting Player Props

Betting on NCAA Men’s College Basketball is a ton of fun and can be super rewarding if you come prepared. Of course, betting on this sport is not difficult, it’s actually very easy. What can be difficult is knowing who to bet on and when to lay the points and when to take the points. We are here to help steer you in the right direction. Maybe you are an experienced sports bettor with many years’ worth of knowledge or maybe you are a casual bettor and you really know very little about the many different ways in which to bet on sports in general and specifically,  college basketball.

You may be a bettor that simply bets the easiest lines possible and that would be the money line, the spread and possibly the totals. There are certainly many more ways to bet than just these three options and we want to talk about a couple of them, but first thing is first; before betting, always remember to have this check list complete.

  1. A workable sports betting budget. One that works within your overall life budget. We are talking about college basketball here, so have a college basketball budget with your regular sports betting budget. Sound complicated? Not at all… You know how much you can afford to bet on every game that you will bet. Stick to the budget and you will be much further up the road.
  2. Never chase a bad beat. Let it go. Every time that you place money on the outcome of a sporting event, it’s a risk, it’s a gamble. Be prepared to lose. If you can’t afford to lose the money, don’t gamble the money. If you can afford to lose the money and you lose the bet, don’t chase. Relax, wait for the next game or the next day or whenever it is that you have budgeted to play again. Stick to the rules and you will be a happy sports bettor.

Total Points by Player X— This prop bet is a great way to earn a pile of money without having to bet on any team or worry about the final score. Often, it is fun to bet on how many points your favorite player will score, or for that matter, any player. The rule here, is the player must play in the game. They do not have to start the game and do not have to finish the game, but they must play. If you like to watch superstars of the game such as Zion from Duke, then you will love this form of wagering. Know your players and you will win big.

Points + Rebounds+ Assists— This prop takes it a step further than “total points by a player”. With this one, the bet is asking you to take the over/under on the three combined stat lines. This bet works the same way. The player must play in order to have action.

Both, “total points by player” and “points rebounds and assists” are a very profitable way to bet on college basketball. If you like the action but hate the risk of laying a huge spread, then this is your answer. Jump in, try it out and you will see exactly how fun and lucrative this style of betting can be.

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