Betting MLB Series Prices at Your Favorite Online Sportsbook

Betting MLB Series Prices at Your Favorite Online Sportsbook

Betting series prices right now is hot amid the race to the NBA and NHL championship series in the playoffs. Series prices are set for each best-of-seven matchup and then adjusted as the series progresses. One sport that offers series price betting on a weekly basis all season long is Major League Baseball.

The entire MLB regular season schedule is made of two, three and four-game series. There are two rounds of series in any given week starting with Game 1 on a Monday or Tuesday of the weekly series. Thursday or Friday mark the start of all the weekend series. Occasionally you will find a quick two-game series on the schedule, especially when it comes to interleague play. Once a series is extended to at least three games, most of the top online sportsbooks taking action on the individual games will also post a list of series price odds for all the matchups.


One thing to keep in mind is that moneyline odds for individual games are often released once the starting pitchers have been confirmed. This is usually at least 24 hours before that game is scheduled to start. The series price odds for a three-game matchup will not be released until the day of the first game. You will still have plenty of time to place your series price bets, but your window for doing so is a bit tighter. Also keep in mind, that if you are betting on an extended four-game MLB series, the betting odds for the series price only pertain to the first three games.

Betting on series prices for MLB gives you an extended look at all three matchups as opposed to trying and pin down a winner for just one game. Even the best MLB starters can have a off night and the worst teams in the league still end up winning more than 60 of their 162 games. Series betting allows you to take advantage of the overall edge between two teams.

It stands to reason that the favorite in any matchup should be able to win at least two of the three games. The biggest benefit to betting MLB three-games series is the high level of familiarity many team have with one another. You will have easy access to a sufficient amount of statistical data to consult for past matchups as part of the overall handicapping process. You will also have easy access to the designated matchups on the mound with the starters already in place for all three games.

Another attractive aspect of betting on MLB series price odds is one simple betting line to take into consideration. The betting lines for an individual MLB game start with the straight-up money line odds. You also have a run line that comes with a moneyline based on a 1.5 difference in runs scored. This means that the favorite needs to win by two or more runs to cash in on that adjusted money line. You also have the option to bet the total line for an individual game.

When it comes to a series price bet, you simply need to decide to accept the risk for betting on the favorite or chase the higher reward for betting the underdog. A typical series price listing at an online sportsbook would read as follows:

Detroit Tigers +105

Texas Rangers -125

In this scenario, you would win $105 on a $100 bet that Detroit wins at least two of the three games as a road underdog. The risk for winning $100 betting on Texas to win at least two of three games is $125. The higher the series price numbers, the bigger the mismatch on the field. At that same book you might find this series price listing for a heavy road favorite:

Houston Astros -165

Oakland Athletics +145

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