Bet On The Super Bowl

Bet On The Super Bowl

Atlanta will host Super Bowl LIII in 2019. The kickoff time is to be announced. Place your bet on the Super Bowl with America’s Bookie the premier online bookmaker. American clients are welcome to bet online.
Super Bowl LII

The game will be the first Super Bowl in Minnesota since Super Bowl XXVI, when the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills, 37-24, on Jan. 26, 1992 at the Metrodome.

No, we are not talking about the Eagles and the Patriots. Yes, we are talking about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. These two are exactly that; “know it all’s”. They have earned it and they have the right to be. The general public or should it be said, John Q. Football Fan hates it, they hate the swagger, they hate the attitude and they hate one team dominating for years. This Patriots team has all of the before mentioned qualities and in extreme fashion.

You may be thinking Bill Belichick has no swagger, he has no attitude that should offend anyone… If you are one of those saying this, then you are not dialed into the Patriots and what they represent. Belichicks swagger and attitude is his very lack of swagger and attitude. Here is a picture of Bill: An aloof Johnny Dep that makes $Billion movies and jumps onto the silver screen with a swagger only known in Hollywood, then he goes away in the offseason not to be heard from, or seen. Belichick personifies this behavior, he models this behavior like a runway beauty queen. He is the king and master at his craft both on and off the field.

The Most Recent Example:

Tom Brady’s hand, what a crock this all was. Anybody who has ever followed the Patriots knows this is the shtick, the usual, the diversion that attempts to draw players’ minds away from the high stakes battle of just winning the game. The masters in action, the “know it all’s” knowing it all and getting over yet again.

How are teams suckered into this, how do Tom and Bill work their magic every single year? Most of this is by just simply being better than the competition. They are better and every year it happens like clockwork. The regular season for the Patriots has become as predictable as the sun. Every single year they come out and lose and even lose bad such as to the Chiefs on the opening Thursday night back in September, a final of 42-27 and to boot, it was in Foxboro. This is what they do, they are run by a couple of “know it all’s”.

The “know it all’s” know when they are in trouble (which is almost never) they know when they need to adjust and they know exactly how to adjust. They are never nearly out of a season, they are never nearly on the verge and they are never going to go away as long as “know it all” number 1, stays behind the clipboard and wants to continue coaching.

You see, there is only one “know it all” and it’s Bill, not Tom. Peyton would have 7 or 8 had he been with the Patriots his entire career. Montana, same story… this is about Bill. This is his team, his design and he is responsible for the winning formula. As long as Mr. Belichick hangs around, the Patriots will be contending for Super Bowls.

Super Bowl LI Highlights

Historic comeback and an overtime drive to win Super Bowl 51. It was an instant classic and one that solidifies the Patriots as one of the greatest teams ever. At one point in the game, the Patriots were trailing 28-3, but rallied to tie the game and win in overtime. Tom Brady and the Pats won the overtime coin toss and never let the Falcons touch the ball. New England drove the field and ended up using a huge pass interference penalty to punch in a game-winning touchdown.

The win means that Tom Brady now has his fifth Super Bowl ring and is now a part of two of the greatest Super Bowls we’ve ever seen. While the win over the Seahawks two years ago was shocking in its own right, this win over the Falcons and the historic comeback needed to do it tops just about anything we’ve seen in NFL history.

How to Bet On Football

Football is one of the most popular sports out there, and is also one of the most popular sports to bet on. Betting on the Super Bowl not always easy, especially with all of the different betting options out there. That’s why America’s Bookie’s.


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