What is a Baseball Team Props?

What is a Baseball Team Props?

The MLB Team Prop bet is one of the more popular of prop bets. The return on a bet is good and there are good matchups every day. In order to play most prop bets and be successful you have to know a little more about the game than simply who is the favorite and who is the underdog. However, the MLB Team Props go hand in hand with the runline and moneyline so it is much easier to identify good value on a bet. Sportsbooks will offer you hundreds of props. Let’s look at some of the most popular and common to better understand how to play them.

Totals Runs/Hits/Errors

This is a totals bet where an OVER/UNDER Total is determined by the total number of runs scored, hits recorded, and errors made. This can be for just one of the teams or both combined. There are many things to consider with this bet. The weather and the ballpark can be as important as the starting pitchers.

First Full 5 Innings

The First Full 5 Innings bet is by far the most popular of the MLB Team Prop bets. The reason being it cuts the game in half, puts a premium on starting pitching, and doesn’t have much difference in odds than a full game. It’s just like an moneyline bet but just after five innings.

Who will score first

This is an odds bet where you are simply betting on who scores the game’s first run. It could be the top of the 1st or the bottom of the 8th. All you are picking is the team to cross home plate first. The away team carries a certain advantage because they get to bat first but it is important to consider the overall matchups before laying one of these bets. The starting pitching, the teams’ scoring ability, and defense should all be considered.

1st Full Inning

Just like the First Full 5 Innings bet this is simply an odds bet after the 1st inning. This bet can often be played three ways as well with a TIE being the third option. There are plenty of runs scored in the first inning and that makes this a very popular.

MLB Team Prop bets

MLB Team Prop bets are very popular because unlike most prop bets they actually have something to do with the final outcome of the game. Especially in a low scoring game like baseball, these props give the bet placers more advantage than other props. And the fact it is a team bet as opposed to an individual bet only adds to its popularity.

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